Accessibility Statement

At GLACIER, we consider accessibility to be the ability to participate in the full event, and understand accessibility and access barriers to affect people with a range of identities and backgrounds. While we recognize it is impossible to be fully accessible to everyone at the same time, we strive to accommodate as many people as possible and grow in accessibility with each year. The following statement provides access information in detail. Please email with further questions regarding accessibility. 


The first night of GLACIER is mostly unstructured. There will be a potluck, sauna availability, time to unpack or settle in, and an unstructured jam. Because people arrive at different times, the full GLACIER orientation does not happen until Saturday morning. That said, newcomers will receive guidance and a brief orientation at registration, and are encouraged to ask community members if they have any questions. Many of us have attended GLACIER for many years and will be delighted to fill you in about the week that’s in store for you!



GLACIER activities are non-sexual spaces and we believe that consent must be present to be able to engage safely in the dance. No person will be required to dance with any other person, and anyone may leave a dance at any time. No sexual contact or dialogue is permitted in dance workshops at GLACIER.


No one is expected to disclose any personal and/or medical information, but attendees are invited to share any pertinent information about injuries or impairments that may be relevant for dancing with others.


No one is obligated to attend any workshop at GLACIER. People are able to come and go from workshops as desired, and can feel free to skip workshops as they wish. 



There is an abundance of windows and natural light in the dance space, and it is utilized whenever possible. At night or when the sun is not bright enough, non-fluorescent lights are used in the dance space. Non-fluorescent lighting is also used throughout the Christine Center and in the indoor housing.



The Christine Center is not scent-free, though GLACIER organizers can request that attendees do not wear scents in workshops and in common areas with a specific accommodation request from a potential participant.

Dance Space and Workshops

The dance space in the Christine Center has a hard floor and is not sprung. This means that hitting the floor may have a more significant impact on bodies than an impact on a sprung floor may have (read: it might hurt more!). The use of knee pads is encouraged, and knee pads will also be available for sale at the event. 


The dance space echoes, which can make for hearing instruction and conversation difficult. In 2019, teachers will attempt a new system in which they will write down more of their curricula to supplement the verbal instruction given throughout workshops. Verbal instructions for all workshops are given in English only.


We are seeking a higher awareness of trauma-informed approaches to contact improvisation and community. Some of our community members do trauma-informed work, and may utilize this approach in their teaching and GLACIER presence, however, we are still growing in this capacity and not all teachers and community members have this experience. Attendees are invited to share any content they might like flagged, and members of the community will be alerted to the importance of respecting these boundaries.


Sleeping Accommodations

Some people choose to camp during the retreat, though there are also indoor sleeping options. There is one room within the Christine Center that is fully wheelchair accessible, with a shower and bathroom in the room (please alert us if you need to reserve this accessible room). There are accessible bathroom stalls in the Center as well. Many of the outdoor cabins have a few steps to enter, and the paths leading up to them are not wheelchair accessible. All cabins have electricity, and either electric, gas, or woodstove heat.


If you choose to camp, you will need to bring all camping equipment. Camping areas are all within a short walk to the bathrooms (less than 0.1 miles), and some cabins and indoor housing options have an in-unit bathroom. Please specify if you need a space with an in-unit bathroom. Most shared bathrooms are labeled “men” and “women,” though there are gender-neutral single bathrooms inside the Christine Center.



The grounds of the Christine center are mostly made of woodchip and small stones, however, there are paved paths from the parking lot into the center. The center itself is wheelchair accessible. All paths through the woods are woodchip and stone and there are not paved pathways.

Christine Center Background

The Christine Center is a retreat center founded and run by Franciscan nuns, however, no religious participation or affiliation is required by attendees and people of all religions (or lack thereof) are welcome at the Christine Center and at GLACIER.



Childcare is not readily available at GLACIER, though members of the work study team may volunteer to help with childcare occasionally. Some members of our community are interested in making childcare more available. Please let us know if you would like to work on that with them.



The Christine Center has a (delicious) vegetarian kitchen and can accommodate for gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan attendees upon request. Other dietary accommodations may also be provided upon request, although attendees will need to check with the organizers who will check with the Christine Center kitchen ahead of time. Attendees are invited to bring their own food if they choose not to eat the food at the Christine Center, however, refrigerator space is shared and attendees will not have access to a kitchen inside the center. Certain cabins have access to a kitchenette, but attendees will need to specify if they need this accommodation.



People of all levels of experience are invited to dance at GLACIER. Newer dancers are encouraged to dance with more seasoned dancers and to ask questions. While many workshops are structured, there is also ample time for jamming and labbing, which are unstructured times when participants are encouraged to try new things, ask questions, and learn about contact improvisation through observation and practice. Attendees are also encouraged to ask questions during workshops when further instruction is requested.


Power Dynamics

While the GLACIER community is committed to accessibility, equity, openness to people of all walks of life, and consent, the community is a product of society and is not devoid of power imbalance. Should attendees feel threatened or uncomfortable with any dynamics at GLACIER, they are encouraged to inform the support team. GLACIER 2019 will have a support team that is invested in checking in with participants about their experiences and will strive to make this as accessible, participatory, and joyful of an experience as possible.


Support Team

Based on the needs of the community, there will be a small group of dancers who have experience with GLACIER who will offer informal peer support throughout GLACIER. This work is in its beginning stages and is still a work in progress. We encourage feedback and are willing to adapt and make changes as we go. These resources can come in many forms, including but not limited to: going for a quiet walk with a peer support team member, processing difficult situations, answering questions and helping people orient to the space and social dynamics, checking in periodically throughout the retreat, group conversation with others who would like to talk through potentially sensitive material.