Registration Information


Camping Weekend   $170
Camping 3 days       $265
Camping 5 day


Inside Weekend       $240
Inside 3 day             $335
Inside 5 day             $560

Length of Stay Options

Weekend: Friday 4PM - Sunday 3PM

3 days: Sunday 4PM - Wednesday 1PM

5 days: Friday 4PM - Wednesday 1PM

Housing includes camping or indoor accommodations:

  • Camping: Full meal plan. Bring you own gear and towels.

  • Indoors: Full meal plan. Includes linens and towels.

  • Requesting a single room will double your housing fee!

No pets allowed. There are plenty of animals outside!

Musical instruments welcome for evening music jams.

Your family is welcome to join you at GLACIER.

  • Your children must be registered. Please contact for rates and lodging info before you register!

  • The GLACIER organization does not provide child care. This must be arranged with other dancers who are willing to help.